FoodPark Group of Companies
Since 2003, “PhytoEngineering” R&D Centre is actively working in partnership with FoodPark Group of Companies which is engaged in the industrial production of seed and table potatoes, vegetables and grains, supplying products to the retail supermarket chains in different regions of the Russian Federation.

Unique technological equipment for accelerated plant micropropagation in vitro and in vivo allows scientists to organize a year-round crop production experienced, to perform a wide range of research works on the physiology and biochemistry of plants.

In cooperation with FoodPark Group of Companies “PhytoEngineering” R&D Centre leads the program of field trials for new crops and technologies of their production.

Advanced Pest Solutions, Scotland
In 2011 the scientific cooperation with Advanced Pest Solutions Company, Scotland, on production of bacteriophage and their practical use for handling of agricultural products began.

The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK
Since 2008 the cooperation with FERA has been organized. The British colleagues render the methodological help in training of staff of the company, implementation of new methods of researches, diagnostics of pathogens of crops.

Pizzoli S.p.A., Italy
Since 2012 together with Pizzoli S.p.A. Company and FoodPark Group of Companies the project of research works and industrial production in Russian Federation of crops enriched with iodine is implemented.